More than a dog…


He was more than a dog. He was brilliant. He was a friend. He was intuitive beyond all reason. The things that made him great could never be taught. Right up to the end, he always did what he knew was best for us.

All I can say is thank you. It will never be enough, but it’s all I have.

Thank you for always doing what was right… even when we didn’t understand that it was right. Thank you for knowing that you needed to lay in my doorway to make sure you would be there to stop anyone from entering. Thank you for knowing when I was sad and laying at my feet, calming me with your gentle energy. Thank you for taking care of my six babies, always watching to make sure they were safe and alerting me when they were doing something that they would regret… or worse.

And when you were old, and your job of watching seemed to be over, thank you for adopting my grand babies and being as gentle and protective with them as you were with my own.

You were grand. You were great. You were wise.

There has never, nor will there ever be another you.

Thank you for giving selflessly all these 15 years. Thank you for always knowing your job and doing it well.

I loved you the moment your 35 pound puppy body unexpectedly came through my door, and I will love you for forever and beyond forever.

Here’s to beyond forever.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe



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