10 things I love about me…

It’s hard loving on yourself you know! If you are good at it, congratulations! I grew up with two perfectionist parents, and although that has its benefits (I always had examples of a job done right!), it can have its downfalls too. Especially if you, yourself, are a perfectionist. And I am. For real.

So I decided that come Hell or high water, I am going to make a post of the top ten things I love about myself. This took some effort. And some consulting with others because sometimes I am so close to myself that I don’t see myself all that clearly. But it happened. I came up with ten things I love about myself. Ready. Okay.

  1. I love that I am a good writer. Yes I am. I can say things so eloquently on a piece of paper, or with my fingers and a keyboard that I can’t say verbally. And some people can’t do that apparently. So I needn’t punish myself for not being an eloquent talker, because I don’t enjoy doing that anyway.
  2. I love that I am a great teacher. It’s just something that comes natural to me. I can see where someone is as a student and know what next steps need to happen to get them where they need to go next. It just happens. I know how to ask just the right question to help someone gain understanding, and I can use symbolism and metaphors to help them grasp a difficult concept.
  3. I love that I am a great problem solver. I know how to use my resources to help me figure out how to solve problems around me. In fact, people call me or text me or message me on Facebook because they know that if I don’t have an answer to their problem off the top of my head (which happens a lot because I have some serious life experience), I will be able to look it up in a flash and have the answer. I love a challenge. I love a puzzle. I love to think.
  4. I love that I am crafty. I love to work with my hands and make something new out of a scrap of fabric, a bucket of paint, or a skein of yarn. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing something I imagined in my mind come to life.
  5. I love that I am positive. Some people don’t like that about me. They don’t like that in every crappy situation I can think about something to be positive about. Don’t get me wrong, I cry with the best of them, but I love that I can usually turn it around and recognize something good that has come from a bad situation. I have been called Pollyanna, but that’s okay. I’d rather be Pollyanna than Scrooge any day!
  6. I love my hair. Gray and all. I love being able to just blow dry the roots, give it a little scrunch, and walk out the door. I love a simple life, and my hair allows me to have that. (I also love that I don’t have to wear makeup for that same reason.)
  7. I love that I am an introvert. This one is more recent. I love that I am quiet. That I don’t want to rush out of the house and do a million things and be around lots of people and be the center of attention. I love that I don’t want big fan fare or credit or limelight for things that I do. I love that I like to work behind the scenes. (Someone has to right? And that someone might as well enjoy it!) I love knowing that I was a part of something bigger than myself, but I also love that I don’t have to take credit for it.
  8. I love that I love to be comfortable. I love that I enjoy wearing cozy things. I love that I don’t have to be all dressed up and fancy to feel good about myself. That leggings and baby doll tops and ponytails are good enough for me.
  9. I love that I am young at heart, yet I am an old soul as well. I don’t even know how that works, yet it does. One minute I feel so young and can’t believe that I am a grammy, and then the next minute I feel like I have been rockin’ the grammy thing for centuries. I love that about myself. The feeling of everything being exciting and new, but then knowing just what to do in any given situation because I have been there before.
  10. I love that I am a reader. I feel like being a reader has made me the person I am today. Because of reading, I am full of language that makes me a good writer. Because of reading, I learn, thus making me a better teacher. Being a great reader has helped me retain information that, in turn, makes me a great problem solver. Reading improves my creativity and craftiness. It helps me realize that my situation isn’t as bad as others out there in the world, so it makes me more positive. Reading keeps me young, but also makes me insightful. Reading is comfortable. It enables me to travel, and stay home all at the same time.

Ten things I love about myself. What do you love about yourself?

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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