Headbands that finally work!

Are you like me? Are you frustrated with your headbands sliding off your head no matter what you do? Do they squeeze your head so tight they give you a headache? Have you tried every YouTube video out their to no avail?

Fear not! I have found a solution. And it does not require you going out and finding the material at your local craft store.

Step 1: Go to Old Navy and buy some of these (They usually have them near the checkout counter):

Step 2: Untie that knot… you may need to use a fork. (Or if you are like me… your teeth.)

Step 3: Stitch that band together at the very end.

Step 4: Put your hair in the style you would like. Low ponies and piggies work the best because the band has something to rest on at the back of your head.

Step 5: Give your hair a good spray with hairspray and slip that headband on.

Step 6. Put a couple of tiny bobby pins behind your ears to secure the headband in place.

Voila! A headband that says in all day!

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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