Food and Anxiety.

My last entry was about moves I make once I notice that my anxiety is creeping up and I need to keep it in check. But one of the big steps that I didn’t mention that happens long before any of the before mentioned tricks is my diet. What I put in my body plays a huge role in keeping my anxiety in check. So big, in fact, that it needs it’s own blog post. Because if I accidentally eat the wrong thing, all bets are off that the steps I mentioned in my last post are even going to work. Sometimes I have to take a timeout from life if I make a wrong food choice. It’s kind of a big deal.

Figuring out my food triggers was a long road for me. There was no one to help me figure out what triggered my anxiety because doctors don’t think that way. Most doctors think: “What can I give you to put in your body to manage your anxiety”, rather than “what can we keep out of your body to manage your anxiety”. I’m not sure whether they don’t believe that some foods are poison to certain people, or if it’s really tricky and time consuming to figure out the triggers, and they don’t think their patient will make the effort to do the hard work needed. But for a person who suffers from anxiety, I promise you the time and effort it takes to figure out food triggers is huge and totally worth it.

If I had to do it all over again with what I know now, it would have been much easier for me. So because I care about you, my fellow anxiety sufferer, I am going to pass this on to you, and I hope you pass it on to all your other friends who need this help.

  1. Do the Whole 30. I mean really do it. Don’t cheat, because cheating won’t get all the “cats out of your house”. By this I mean if you are allergic to cats, and you give all of them away but one, you still aren’t going to know if your problems are because of something else, or that cat you didn’t give away. You have to read labels carefully, and be really strict!
  2. Be really careful when adding back in restricted foods that you only do one at a time, and that you don’t introduce too many foods back in rapid succession. And keep a food journal, so you don’t forget how you feel further down the road! You can go back in your journal and remind yourself why you don’t eat rice, or gluten, or processed sugar, or whatever else bothers you.
  3. Avoid foods that trigger anxiety, but also trigger other physical ailments as well (stomach aches, joint pain, muscle cramps, headaches, etc.), because those could be an early warning signal for anxiety down the road.
  4. Eat a diet free from the foods that cause you problems. Mine are all grains with the exception of corn and a controlled amount of rice, and sugar except naturally occurring unprocessed sugar like the ones found in fruit, honey and maple syrup.

If I avoid the foods that trigger my anxiety, then the post I wrote prior to this one works almost 100 percent of the time and life is good. If I eat something on accident, or heaven forbid cheat because I forgot what it feels like, then there is a long road of recovery that I have to travel. It’s no fun my friends!

So if you have anxiety, and you are not making the progress you would like, or you are a parent of a child with anxiety, controlling what you put in your body (or their body) can make a huge difference. It’s worth the effort. I promise.

What are your trigger foods, and how did you discover them?

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe

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