My green-ish thumb…

So I kill plants mostly. My history’s not so good in the plant world. I can keep spider plants alive. And those hydroponic planters that you only have to remember to fill the water and put in plant food. I can handle those pretty okay too. But I hate the space they take up! And I wanted some fresh herbs. The ones at the store are so expensive and then they go bad so fast. Ya sure, I could do that freezer trick where you put the herbs in an ice cube tray with some healthy oil, but I’m a busy lady! I don’t have time for that! So after doing a little research I came up with this plan:

A box of canning jars + fish tank gravel in my favorite color (blue) + soil + herb seeds = something that might grow? I hope?

So on April 6th, I used scotch tape and a permanent sharpie to label each jar, put some gravel in the bottom to save me on the days I’m an overwaterer. (This could happen more likely than not.)

Mom, if you’re reading this, no judging! (She’s a green thumb. The real deal. She just touches things and they grow like crazy!)

And here’s the result:

Aren’t they purdy?

Today here’s what’s happenin’:

Stuffs growin’, friends! I’m so excited!! Not as fast as I hoped, but I do live in Western Washington, and it has been the wettest spring ever. Maybe if I had some grow lights? There are a couple of guys that aren’t doing so good. I’m hoping they’re just late bloomers. 😉 Anyone know anything about rosemary and oregano? I don’t even know if I can sustain some of these herbs in these little jars. And I apologize early if any of them bite the dust. 😬

I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the Dance! ;D

Rebecca Rèe


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