About 2ofUM

Once upon a time I was a mom… okay, I still am, but my children are older now and this story is about when they were babies… some of them weren’t even thought of yet.

When my oldest son (who now has kids that you will read about from time to time on this blog) was just a little tot, he would get so excited when he would see something that he wanted to share. “Wook!” he would say as he pointed at what he wanted us to notice.

On the fall morning this particular word was born, we were driving up the mountain to check out the beautifully changing leaves when my son (just a tot) said to me, “Wook mom! Deer!”

I turned to look and saw a field full of doe. “How many do you see?” I replied back trying to be that mother that turns any and everything into a learning opportunity.

“Twofum!” He shouted. And after that, each and every time he saw more than one of anything he would shout. “Deer! Twofum!!” or “Cows! Twofum!” And a new word was added to our families dialect. We also have acquired a few others like posta (you’re supposed to) and snot (is not) and stew (is too). My children could have a one word argument going for quite some time. “Snot!” “Stew!”

That’s what this blog is about. Life. Creation. The wonder of motherhood. The joy of being a teacher. And my new-found (8 years now… how can that be?) awe at grand-motherhood.

I never have any idea about what I am going to blog next. I just wait until something pokes at me long enough that I get it down so it won’t bother me anymore.

Happy Reading!!

Rebecca Rèe

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