Here is where the home to all my tutorials live… I thought this would be a great place for them to stay, so that you could always come back and find any of them you wish. I will try to keep them in some kind of order for you.

Happy Crafting, Upcycling, Creating, or whatever it is you love to do!

Rebecca Rèe

Sewing Tutorials

Big Man Shirt Becomes Little Man Shirt

I Want A White Dress A.K.A. How To Turn A Men’s Dress Shirt Into A Tween Dress/Shirt.

Basmati Rice Backpack

Tutorial Tuesday: Superhero Anyone?

Tutorial Tuesday: Magic Pillowcase

Tutorial Tuesday: How to weight your blanket.

3. Shirts for me

Girls Cropped Jacket from Dad’s Military Shirt

Chuck Norris: Upcycled!

Make a Woobie!

Crochet Tutorials

Puppy Crochet Pattern

Ducky Crochet Pattern

Lioness Crochet Pattern

Tiger Crochet Pattern

Fish Crochet Pattern

Piggy Crochet Pattern

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